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SNL Construction Inc. has been owned and operated locally in Fauquier County since 1995.  Original owner, Sean Ladue, made it his mission early on to ensure that quality was always the priority in every project, no matter the size.  While SNL’s initial projects were rooted in Fauquier County, exemplary craftsmanship quickly took the business to D.C. for historic restorations.


Current owner, Jason Atkins, came to the company in 1998 with little carpentry experience, but prepared and eager to learn.  Under Sean's mentorship, Jason learned best practices in carpentry and quickly became an integral component of the SNL team.  After leaving the company to pursue other opportunities in 2003, Jason returned to SNL in 2012 and assumed ownership of  the business in 2014.  Jason continues to value and honor SNL's roots in quality, prioritizing craftsmanship over speed.  With Jason at the helm of SNL, several homes have been completed from the ground up,  countless additions and remodels have been delivered, and the company continues to work on historic restorations in Fauquier County. The unparalleled commitment to detail and quality has most projects coming to SNL by word of mouth alone.  Jason and the entire SNL team look to the future excited for new opportunities and ready to take on your project! 

Meet the team!

Jason Atkins

Born and raised in Fauquier County, Jason grew up working alongside his parents, who managed and owned farms in and around the area.  He had early and formidable experiences with his father including a myriad of activities-- running equipment, building fences, repairing buildings and assisting in the care of horses and livestock. The combination of Jason’s native upbringing and genuine curiosity affords him a unique perspective, viewing each project through the lenses of history and innovation. His interest and passion for older homes provides a welcome challenge in restoring them to their innate and storied charm. Jason is committed to the evolution of his work and business.  In his spare time, Jason enjoys biking, canoeing, and camping with his wife, Kristy, and their two sons.

Kristy Atkins

Kristy came to SNL in 2015, initially within the capacity of assisting with part of the bookkeeping.  As the company has evolved and expanded, so has Kristy’s role. As Office Manager, she now oversees SNL's accounts payable and receivable, and can be found working with customers on sales and selections.  Kristy is also currently working to implement the company's new project management system, Co-Construct, which will soon be available to customers as a unique opportunity to become more involved in their project from a hands on digital perspective. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her husband, Jason, and children, volunteer at her children's school, and teaches Sunday School as well.  

Rusty McIntosh

Rusty has been helping to grow SNL Construction Inc for 5 years bringing his construction experience into making estimating material and takeoffs, purchasing, locating selections, and working and communicating with subcontractors and vendors.  An asset to the team, he helps clients to grasp their vision and make it a reality. True to the SNL belief that quality is a number one priority, his goal is always to have the customers best interests at the forefront of his mind. If he isn’t fishing or at the beach, you can always be sure to find him in good company with friends and family.

Claire Rosenberger

Claire brings a passion for building with years of organizational experience to SNL Construction Inc and is in charge of regulating and streaming office and in-field procedures. With a goal of establishing company-wide processes and practices, you can rest easy knowing she is keeping the team in line and on time. In addition to her communication and multi-tasking skills, Claire also has some hidden talents, including teaching ballet, gardening and playing video games.

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